The Tr

The Trust is a registered charity formed in 1962. It is run by a group of local people who act as Trustees and give their time and expertise on a voluntary basis. They meet regularly to consider applications for grants from local people in need of support 

Who Do We Help


Recognised and responsible groups with charitable objectives who operate in and around the Huddersfield Area. Such groups can include Community Centres, Luncheon Clubs for the elderly,arts and music groups, Scout and Guide groups, Sports Clubs, playgroups, and so on. We do not help individuals.

What can the Trust do to help you

We are able to help you buy equipment and other items to further your charitable objectives, in some cases we may be able to help with repairs and improvements to buildings

We do not give money to help with running costs.

What should you do next

You can contact us in a number of ways, write to or e-mail the Secretary at the address overleaf, or complete the application form  

Where does the money come from

The money held by the Trust comes from a variety of sources - legacies, donations and covenants from businesses in the Town who wish to support the local community and from personal gifts. The funds are invested in Stocks and Shares to provide a regular income which is then given to groups in the community as grants 

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